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The guild meets from 9:30 am-12:00 pm on the second Wednesday of the month, September through June. There is a short business meeting followed by the invited speaker. The Evening Meetings are held at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center from 7-9 pm.

We gather at:

First Baptist Church
175 Allen’s Creek Rd. in Pittsford, NY.
Click Location for directions. The church social hall opens at 9:00 a.m. for fellowship and access to the library.


Guild Meeting May 10, 2017

Rebecca Mezoff
Colorado Springs, CO

"The Tapestry Butterfly"



Rebecca grew up in New Mexico surrounded by family members who shared their love of weaving, drawing, art and adventure. Today her work is drawn from the colors, open skies and symbols of the Southwest. She was fascinated with doubleweave, but discovered that tapestry would allow her better expression. She studied in in New Mexico and apprenticed with James Koehler.

From her studio in Colorado, Rebecca creates contemporary tapestry pieces. She hand-dyes all her yarns to get the color gradations she desires and weaves most of her tapestries on her grandfather's Harrisville rug loom. Her work is in various public and private collections as well as her on her website gallery. She teaches in her studio, online and throughout the U.S.









Guild Workshop May 10 -12, 2017
Rebecca Mezoff
Colorado Springs, CO

"The Tapestry Butterfly"



The southwestern United States is a place rich in culture, landscape, and weaving traditions. In this class we will explore questions about the influence of traditional southwestern weaving on contemporary tapestry practice and how symbols are important in Native and Hispanic weaving practice over the last centuries and today. Most importantly, we will consider how we can use symbols from our own experience to inform our design process and investigate the essential pieces of ourselves that lead us to art making. We will use symbol as a design tool, create several tapestry cartoons, and weave either a small tapestry or a study for a larger work. 






Evening Meeting May 15, 2017

"Portable Projects"

In preparation for the summer months, members will be looking at projects that move wherever you go.

NOTE: Meeting is held 7-9 pm at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center.










Guild Meeting June 14, 2017

"Annual Picnic & White Elephant Sale"
Buckland Park Lodge in Brighton, NY


We'll enjoy the year in review as well as a shared meal. Bring a dish to pass and your personal place setting. There will be beverages provided.

The White Elephant sale is an opportunity to sell off your excess goods to benefit someone looking for a treasure.


















Previous Programs from our 2016-17 year


Guild Meeting September 14, 2016

"Weaving Lives & History"



The program year will kick off with a retrospective. As our Guild celebrates it's 70th year, this program will present a historical look from the founding of the guild to the present. We'll look at how the guild has embraced more than weaving in its fiber focus. There will be a photo taken for the archives in the fellowship hall. Then "Walk About" to browse displays, archival material and retrospective works from members throughout our guild's rich history.

Remember to return your summer reading books to the library!




Guild Meeting October 12, 2016

Polly Barton

Ojo Caliente, NM

"Ikat Weaver"


Polly Barton was born in New York City. She studied Art History at Barnard College and has lived and traveled in Paris, Florence, and Rome. In 1981 she moved to Kameoka Japan to study with master weaver, Tomohiko Inoue, living in the religious heart of the Oomoto Foundation. She returned to New York in 1982, married, and continued to weave on her Japanese tsumugi silk kimono looms.

A nationally recognized artist, she shows her woven silk ikat paintings on both coasts, and is collected by numerous museums and private collectors. Widely published, she is a member of the Textile Society of America, Friends of Fiber Arts International, the Surface Design Association and the Textile Arts Alliance of Santa Fe.



Guild Workshop October 13-15, 2016

Polly Barton
Ojo Caliente, NM

"Fun with Ikat"


Ikat is a dyeing technique that is used to pattern textiles. It employs a resist process to warp and weft yarns prior to dyeing and weaving. In this workshop participants will learn the Japanese way to tie an ikat knot. Indigo dye will be used on two pre-measured warps of cotton, silk or wool. You'll also learn how to measure for weft dyeing to complete your ikat design. The workshop is designed for off loom learning, though a loom may be used.

NOTE: The workshop will be held at the Buckland Lodge in Brighton. Times: 10-5pm 10/13; 10-5pm 10/14; 9:30-12:30 10/1;







Evening Meeting October 17, 2016

"Hands on Look at Tapestry"

tapestry loom



with Mary McMahon. There will be an opportunity to try a few traditional tapestry techniques.

Meeting is held 7-9 pm at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center.








Guild Meeting November 9, 2016

"Nantucket Baskets"

Tom Jagger portrait



Tom Jagger
Sodus, NY

I never intended to be a basket maker, yet I have been making baskets for thirty years. My background in art is in drawing, painting, and printmaking obtaining a BFA from Ohio Wesleyan University and a MFA and MST from RIT.  I was hired by Newark Central Schools (my alma mater) in 1976 to teach art at the high school and I remained there until I retired.  One of the classes I was responsible for was called Creative Crafts.  I taught myself how to make a simple basket and then used it as a project for the students. That's how I got started.

I was self-taught relying on books and other media for inspiration and instruction. I concentrated on learning how to make a basket from tree to finished piece. What attracted me to Nantucket baskets were their history, beauty, and the number of steps needed to complete the baskets.

I have been demonstrating basket weaving at the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival for many years. That venue has been the only public appearance I have regularly made. I also feel it important to enter baskets into the Wayne County Fair where I have represented that category with distinction. I have sold baskets over time but I have never wanted the pressure of a business to interfere with my enjoyment of working at a leisurely pace.  It is my hope that the baskets I have kept will be passed on within the family for years to come.

Guild Meeting January 11, 2017

Lynne Feldman
Rochester, NY

"Painting with Fabric & Wrapping Yourself in Art"


"For 40 years I have worked in oils on canvas.  I have always used a great deal of pattern in my paintings, pulling together my compositions with rich colors and shapes from within the patterns.  It seemed a very natural transition for me to introduce the actual fabrics right onto my canvases alongside the paint.  Now I collect fabrics from all over the world, cut them up and interweave them into my paintings.  Because the glues that I use are water based, my painting is now done primarily in acrylics."

Lynne will talk about the creation of her paintings and her cotton blankets. These are her creations woven on a Jacquard loom in the USA which allow you to "Wrap yourself in Art". She'll have some examples of her work.








Evening Meeting January 16, 2017

"Yarn Companion"

Yarn companion video


We'll continue our study of yarns by watching excerpts from the video "Yarn Companion". Discussion will center around yarn fibers we have successfully used....or not.

NOTE: Meeting is held 7-9 pm at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center.













Guild Meeting February 8, 2017

Ira Fair
Rochester, NY


"The Hemp industry in NYS"

Ira Fair portrait


A lifetime entrepreneur, Ira has been salesman, truck driver, technical writer, concierge, electronics technician as well as Navy veteran. He is an accomplished musician, performing and teaching music professionally since high school. He founded 21st Century Hemp in the summer of 2015 and serves as owner and general manager. The company is a distributor and manufacturer of hemp products and hemp-related services to consumers and businesses.

Ira Fair will be presenting information about hemp farming and the status of this industry in New York State (continuing to promote full legalization). We will also learn about the properties of hemp, fiber and see some fabric samples. Ira is a member of Twenty First Century of Hemp. For too long people have been misled about the true nature of hemp. It is not marijuana, but a related species of the cannibis plant. Hemp has the potential to transform our nation’s economy and agricultural landscape by again becoming a valuable cash crop.

Hemp farmers
In addition to hearing about its history, benefits and variety of products, we will see demonstrations of hemp "silk" (being spun) and yarns being woven, knit and crocheted by Guild members. 
Please bring any hemp fiber creations that you might have to share!






Evening Meeting February 13, 2017

"Finishing Techniques"


Using a video on finishing techniques as a starting point, we'll discuss a number of examples and how they would best be used in projects.

NOTE: Meeting is held 7-9 pm at the Weaving & Fiber Arts Center.











Guild Meeting March 8, 2017

Mary Kester
Baldwinsville, NY

"Wrap Yourself in Art" & Just the Ticket




Mary Kester grew up in Iowa but now lives in Baldwinsville, New York. She earned an MFA from Syracuse University in 1981, where she taught until 1984, when she resumed full time studio work. She weaves tapestries, felts, and makes baskets and nets for galleries, competitions and commissions. She exhibits manily through juried shows and regional galleries, and welcomes commissions from residential and commercial patrons.
She travels regularly for inspiration to neolithic sites in Ireland, France and England, then creates layered tapestries, which she exhibits locally, regionally and nationally.


Just the Ticket is a raffle of donated items to benefit guild programs. You can bring in something from your stash & buy tickets to purchase the gem you're hoping to gain. It's a good idea to bring in mail labels for your tickets.


Bloom detail




Guild Meeting, April 12, 2017

Christy Binoniemi
Minneapolis, Mn

"Needle Felting"


Christy began needle felting in August 2008, "a new frontier for me". Since then she has found a passion and affinity for 2-dimensional needle felting using roving. "Wool roving is a truly unique medium: its elemental amorphous nature challenges and inspires me." Her work is representational as she works with the fiber's properties to capture her subjects in life-like detail. She has recently begun to incorporate new fibers and "found" objects into her work. She accepts commissions in representing people and pets, and teaches needle felting to all levels of students








Guild Workshop April 12, 2017

Christy Binoniemi
Minneapolis, MN

"Explore Needle Felting"

Christy Binoniemi is a multitalented needle felting artist who will share her skills with us in two workshops.  The first workshop will take place at the First Baptist Church after her presentation to the Guild.  The workshop will run from 1pm to 4 pmIf you have ever wanted to try needle felting, this is a great opportunity to learn from one of the best.


Guild Workshop April 12, 2017

Christy Binoniemi
Minneapolis, MN

"Painting with Fiber: Vibrant Needle Felting in Two Dimensions"

This second workshop is a full day workshop to take place on Saturday April 15, 2017 at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center in East Rochester.  This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your skills.  Some needlefelting experience is recommended.



Evening Meeting April 17, 2017
Denise Kovnat

"Paint Two, Beam One: Maximizing Color in Your Weaving"

A Power Point presentation and trunk show which talks about painting two different warps in different but complementary color palettes & beaming them together as one warp on your loom. It can be woven using parallel threadings to create ever-changing colors for structures like Echo Weave, Turned Taquete, Double and Rep. Weave.