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a non-profit organization that promotes interest and study in weaving and the related fiber arts. Anyone is welcome to join. Our members are located primarily in the Rochester, NY area, with newsletter members who live throughout the United States and abroad.




Shared interest and a desire for community brings us together.  Each member has curiosity and enthusiasm for fiber arts. Some of our long-time weavers have been at the loom for more than 30 years. They are our best resource and willingly share their knowledge. Our newest members may be a first time weaver or someone who is taking a class in felting, or knitting or spinning or beading or...? They are glad to find a welcoming place where they can learn a new skill.

Our monthly program lecture highlights a topic or artist. Topics have ranged from rug weaving to travelogues of fiber practices in Nepal or Ghana. There have been panel discussions about the vagaries of warp and weft as well as inspirational portfolios showcasing an artist’s career. The Guild has also begun an evening meeting. See the CALENDAR for specific dates. Workshops are presented two or three times a year for indepth study in a fiber area. See PROGRAMS for details.

The Guild operates a Weaving & Fiber Arts Center with instructors teaching courses in the fiber arts.  See THE CENTER for information about courses, registration and location. 

We hold an annual HOLIDAY SALE in early November. Our members offer a wide range of Wearables; Fashion Accessories; Jewelry; Fine Arts and Crafts for purchase. Come to buy or learn about fiber arts and the Guild. 

  • Apply modern technology to our craft---from chemical dyes to computer software
  • Teach kids how to dye with kool-aid at a fiber festival
  • Spin a fiber to create cloth or a handknit fashion
  • Create a tapestry as a commissioned piece
  • Dye any fiber that can be dyed transforming plain to beautiful
  • Respond to requests from schools, libraries and museums to demonstrate fiber techniques
  • Sponsor sales of handmade goods in the public marketplace, and encourage the pursuit of retail selling for our members 
  • Problem-solve, experiment, analyze the complexity of weave structure, marvel at color play & delight in the artistic expression of our peers. 

  • About our images
    Many thanks to our guild members who have contributed most of the images on this site.  In addition to their fiber work, they have generously shared the photos they have taken.  Photos by Linda Berson, Kate Deane, Denise Kovnat, Sue Nimeh, Joyce Robards and Jan Hewitt Towsley are dominant on these pages.  Their skills are greatly appreciated by the Guild.