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Deb Bolcko's work

About 5 years ago, I watched a demonstration on Nuno felting at the Hemlock Fiber fest.  I bought the materials suggested, went home, following my notes written on a napkin, and made 5 scarves!  I was hooked!  Since then, I have studied with Deb Pope, Leslie Hansforth, Marie Brate, Martien VanZullen, Jeanne Beyer, Andrea Graham, Jean Gauger and Andrea Noeske-Porada.  Each person offering their own creative twist to this ancient art.

I started sewing with my Grandmother when I was about 4years old. I have enjoyed making my children's clothing and costumes.  Knitting developed over the years, and now, felting has become the focus of creative learning.  

Retirement from my nursing career this year, will open up time to play with fiber! I am looking forward to exploring more techniques and having more time to create and share this wonderful skill.

Deb's work

Deb's work