Malgorzata Mosiek (Gosia)

Malgorzata Mosiek

In the mountains in the south of Poland, where I grew up until I was a young adult, there are communities of people that still make hand crafts in traditional ways that have been passed down for generations.  Sheep, through their wool, milk, and hides, have played an important role in these types of traditional crafts.  You could say that craft is in my blood.  I have been interested in various craft techniques for as long as I can remember: beaded jewelry, pottery, and working with fiber. Crafted objects bring beauty into our every day lives, and have for thousands of years.

I have chosen felting as my medium because it provides unlimited possibilities when it comes to usage of colors, created textures and forms. Felting gives us a connection with the primordial, paleolithic past.  But it also allows experimentation with modern forms, combining wool with other materials like silk or cotton fabrics