Tom Barker

Joyce Robards

Thomas B. Barker is Professor Emeritus from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Tom has a number of interests and has managed to integrate many of them. Photography and imaging play a central role in his activities.

Tom has been making photographs since early childhood following in the footsteps of his father who introduced him to the magic of black and white darkroom techniques. It was only logical that he would pursue a university degree in photographic science and engineering. “I was fortunate to have the School of Photography in my own backyard. I was even more fortunate to be able to study under photographic scientists of the caliber of Richard Zakia and Bert Carroll. But the science of photography is the means to the art of photography. Minor White’s classes in previsualization inspired me and solidified my view of the art of imaging. Understanding the Zone System is key in creating a magnificent photograph.”

 Tom has written 4 books on Experimental Design and its applications. He has also authored two Repair manuals for Gilbert American Flyer electric trains which are now in their 3rd Editions. His writing also includes a historical biography of his days delivering newspapers. "Newspaper Boy" and an historical fantasy novel. “The Legend of the Pikesville Cave” all available on Amazon.

Since retiring from RIT in 2005, he has traveled all over the world with his wife Anne.

Tom has garnered many awards over his lifetime including: Accolade (McQuaid HS), Who's Who in Colleges (RIT), Outstanding Teacher (RIT), Outstanding Quill Award (Pultneyville YC), A. C. Gilbert Award, and Lifetime Achievement in Distance Learning (RIT)

Tom's work

Tom's work

Tom's work