Programs and Workshops

June 12, 2024 | Annual Meeting, Indoor Picnic, and Indoor/Trunk Sale

Guild Monthly Meeting

10:00am, First Baptist Church In-person and on Zoom Meeting

This year’s annual event will be held at our regular meeting location: the First Baptist Church, 175 Allens Creek Rd, in Rochester. Please bring a dish to pass, and
your own table setting (plate, silverware, cup, napkin and placemat—handwoven, of course!) 

This meeting will include an opportunity for members to sell their own goods; this is the only opportunity of the year for members to do so! Set up will begin at 9 am, and the meeting will run from 10 am to noon. You may set up on the tables indoors, or vend from the trunk of your car in the parking lot.

Please also bring along your membership renewal checks for the coming year (unless you intend to renew online via PayPal) and any requested Committee reports!


September 11, 2024 | “Weaver Highlights from the Permanent Collection: Lucille Landis and Mary Snyder” with Marina Loew

Guild Monthly Meeting

9:30am, First Baptist Church “Zoomed” to at-home members

Mariina Loew


Trunk Show of Historic Weavers at the Weaving Museum in Clayton NY

Formed in 1969, the Thousand  Islands Arts Center- Home of the Handweaving Museum (TIAC) houses over 20,000 textiles pertaining to 20th century American  handweaving; a library containing more than 2,254 titles; rotating exhibitions; and offers classes in a wide variety of mediums for all skill levels. This presentation serves as an introduction to the amazing weavers represented in the collections, specifically focusing on two of them: Lucille Landis, known for her extensive color studies, and Mary Snyder, who meticulously documented all of teachings and research, forming the largest of TIAC's collections. Marina will be bringing a variety of woven pieces, by Lucille and Mary for us to examine.


Marina Loew is the Assistant Director and Curator of the Thousand  Islands Arts Center –  Home of the Handweaving Museum by day and a paper cutting artist by night. She is the granddaughter of the museum's first curator, Sonja Wahl, and joined the staff in 2017. While Marina loves weaving and greatly appreciates textiles, her medium of choice is paper, which she cuts into intricate illustrations depicting a wide variety of of topics and themes. She holds a BA in Visual Art from Wells College and an MA in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University.

October 9, 2024 | “Weaving by Design” with Kelly Marshall

Guild Monthly Meeting

9:30am, First Baptist Church “Zoomed” to at-home members

Kelly Marshall


Kelly Marshall is recognized for combining rep weave’s rich texture and linear structure into extraordinary textiles inspired by the aesthetics of the Arts & Crafts movement, contemporary design, and traditional Scandinavian weaving. Marshall’s self published book“Custom Woven Interiors: Bringing color and design home with Rep weave, includes projects, design inspiration, and technique and tips to weaving Rep. Her talk “Weaving by Design” will show you the inspiration behind her designs and walk you through the development of her successful weaving business.





October 9-11, 2024 | "Revelations in Rep" with Kelly Marshall

Guild Workshop

Wed, Oct 9, 1-4pm, Thurs & Fri, Oct 10 & 11, 9-4pm, First Baptist Church or WaFAC In person only

This workshop will encompass a lecture covering the unique characteristics of rep weave, color blending and designing, pattern block movement as well as demonstrating weaving technique and material selection. The workshop is for intermediate to experienced weavers, each participant will be expected to bring their own loom, warped according to instructions provided by the instructor. Participants will receive a packet of warping instructions for either a 4 or 8 shaft pattern, to create a 10” wide table runner.

Level of experience: Intermediate


Coming Up: 2024-2025 Programs

November 13, 2024 | "Shoddy Fibers" with Hannah Rose-Shell

January 8, 2025 | "Craft as a Site of Free Speech" with Hinda Mandell and Ann Morton

February 12, 2025 | "The World of Narrow Bands" with Nancy Smothergill

March 12, 2025 | Just the Ticket Auction

April 9, 2025 | Mary McMahon

May 12-14, 2025 | "Transparency Weaves" Workshop with Rebecca Smith

June 11, 2025 | Annual Meeting and picnic