April 15, 2019 | HGA Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing with Mary Ann Proia

Guild Evening Meeting

6:30-8:30 p.m., Weaving and Fiber Arts Center
Mary Ann Proia

Please join us for the April Evening Meeting this Monday at 6:30 at WaFAC. We welcome WGR member Mary Ann Proia- recipient of the Handweavers Guild of America Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing! Come and see all of Mary Ann's samples and hear about all the trials, tribulations and successes along the way of this rare achievement!

May 8, 2019 | "The Devil is in the Details" with Robyn Spady

Guild Meeting

9:30 a.m., First Baptist Church

Robyn Spady

Would you like to find ways to make your fiber art projects more intriguing,  see different ways to incorporate fiber into other projects, or look for simple ways to improve your projects and set yourself apart as a fiber artist?  Sometimes the most understated detail or accent can make the difference between something ordinary and something extraordinary.  In this lecture, participants will be presented with a variety of fiber techniques for adding a little detail to create exceptional results.


Robyn Spady learned to weave over 45 years ago and completed HGA's COE-W in 2004 with the specialized study Loom-controlled Stitched Double Cloth.  She is fascinated by the infinite possibilities of crossing threads and loves coming up with new ideas to create fabric and transform it into something new and exciting.  She is committed to turning the weaving world on to double-faced fabrics, four-shaft weaves, uncommon and advanced weave structures, narrow warp weaves, and the many forms of passementerie.  Robyn is also the editor of the weaving magazine Heddlecraft.



May 8-10, 2019 | "A Parallel Threading is the Weaver's Playground" with Robyn Spady

Guild Workshop

Wednesday 1:00-4:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday 9:00am-4:00 p.m., First Baptist Church

A parallel threading can provide a weaver with a multitude of options and patterns–from echo weaves and corkscrew twills to turned taqueté and network-drafted twills. Add on top of that weft variations in color and texture and a weaver will find themselves in a playground of possibilities. Workshop participants will pre-warp their loom from a selection of threadings and during the workshop enter into a journey of discovery and exploration of how to transform a parallel threading into a myriad of patterns. The workshop is a combination of presentation/discussion, weaving, and hands-on exercises. Emphasis will be on understanding the design and drafting processes to empower workshop participants to create their own patterns. (Note: This is not a round-robin style workshop. Participants will weave on their own loom.) Four-shafts minimum. Eight-shafts highly recommended. 

May 13, 2019 | Potluck at Bolcko Fiber Barn

Guild Evening Meeting

6:00 p.m.

June 12, 2019 | Annual Picnic

Guild Meeting

10:00 a.m.,  Buckland Lodge, Brighton Town Park

Annual Picnic

This meeting features our annual accomplishments.  Bring a dish to pass, your place setting with a handwoven placemat for fun, and your show and tell.  Weather permitting there will also be tail gate sales of your fiber related items.

June 17, 2019 | "Journalizing for Inspiration"

Guild Evening Meeting

6:00 p.m.


Coming Up 2019-2020


September 11, 2019 | “Experimental Stitch: Structure, Image and  Installation” with Amanda McCavour

October 9, 2019 | “Sacred Mandalas and Dimensional Weaving” with Anastasia Azure

October 10, 2019 | “Woven Metal Jewelry” with  Anastasia Azure

November 13, 2019 | Molly McLaughlin, “Making the Paradigm Shift from Craft to Art” with Molly McLaughlin

January 8, 2020 | “The Art of Kiltmaking” with  Barbara Tewksbury

February 12, 2020 | “Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes” with Daina Taimina

March 11, 2020 |“The Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing: A Comparison of Natural and Synthetic Dyes” with  Mary Ann Proia 

April 8, 2020 | ”History of Wool and Felt,” with Renate Maile-Moscowitz

April 8-10, 2020 | “Felted Flowers and Beads” with Renate Maile-Moscowitz

May 13, 2020 | “My Evolution in Tapestry” with  David Johnson

May 13-15, 2020 | "Painting with Soumak Tapestry", with David Johnson

June 10, 2019 | Annual Picnic