About our Library

With close to 1000 books and other references, the guild library is of one of the most complete collections of weaving and fiber arts reference materials in the region. The library includes books and monographs as well as an archive of magazines and periodicals. Our librarian makes new acquisitions regularly, to keep up to date with the latest publications.

Library of the Weavers' Guild of Rochester

How it Works

Ours is a lending library for members only and is available for browsing at guild meetings. Members may check out items for free and return them at the next meeting.

Our Collection

We have texts on weaving, dyeing, spinning, knitting, sewing and finishing handwovens, basketry, and other related fiber techniques. Magazines include Handwoven, Prairie Wool Companion, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Weaver's, Weaver's Craft and Weaver's Journal. Periodicals include Handweaver and Craftsman, CIBA Review, the Mönsterblad series from Swedish Homecraft Society, and Loom Music.

Of particular interest are the 150-plus notebooks with woven samples and drafts on the full range of fiber techniques. These notebooks have been donated by Guild members or were compiled from Guild workshops led by well-known fiber artists. The library also offers audio and video tapes, sewing patterns and slides.

Our Guild Online Catalogs

Online, the library is catalogued in LibraryThing. Click here to log in, using the member name WGR_library.

The Guild's Weaving and Fiber Arts Center also has an online catalog of the books for use at the Center only, not for lending.  Click here.