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Membership Fees *

  • $40 Individual
  • $75 Supporting
  • $50 Family
  • $30 Out of town (resides 50+ miles from Rochester)
  • $25 Student (under 25 years old with valid student ID)

All member categories receive all membership benefits: one vote, one YARN subscription, Guild programs, all-Guild email list, library privileges, eligibility for workshop enrollment, scholarships, and equipment rental. First-time members joining mid-year may do so at a reduced fee.

Newsletter Subscription Only *

A $15 newsletter-only membership is available, using the membership application form available below. Newsletter-only subscribers receive no other membership benefits.

Membership Application

Our membership year begins June 1 and runs until May 31 of the year following. 

Apply for membership online and pay with credit card through Paypal.

 Weavers' Guild of Rochester, Inc., is a non-profit organization. Membership dues and contributions to the Guild are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.

 * After February 1, membership fees and newsletter are half price for first time members the rest of the member year ending May 31.