WGR Scholarships


The Guild offers scholarship opportunities for new fiber enthusiasts as well as those who have been involved in the craft for a long time. Financial assistance is available for individuals or groups interested in pursuing knowledge that will enrich the fiber arts community. There are three sources for these funds: the Margaret Carr fund, Horace Lethbridge fund and the Heather Olson fund. Carr scholarships are for members only and recipients are required to share the knowledge gained from their study. Lethbridge and Olson scholarships do not have these restrictions.

How it Works

Scholarship awards are intended to enhance one’s education in textile arts and may be applied to course fees and some related expenses at most learning venues. Funds are not available for lodging, meals or travel expenses. The maximum award is $550 per application.

Scholarship recipients are encouraged to share their study experience. There are many ways that this can be done. Past recipients have provided demonstrations, compiled a resource notebook, given a lecture or worked on a Guild committee.

For all the details, read our Information for Applicants (PDF).

How to Apply

Download, fill out, and return our scholarship application form (Word), following the instructions on the form.

Application Deadline

Applications are reviewed three times a year following each deadline: March 1, June 1, and November 1.

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Margaret Carr

Margaret Carr was a long-time member of the Guild and the first instructor of many current weavers. She taught at the Rochester Museum and Science Center and is remembered for her energetic support of students. She was a lifelong teacher and lover of textiles. The memorial fund in her name was started in 1992.

Margaret Carr and Horace Lethbridge

Horace Lethbridge

Horace Lethbridge was also an accomplished weaver. His participation in the multi-harness study group exemplifies his interest in weaving technique and love for all fine things in life. His generous bequest in December of 2009 and his commitment to learning will benefit many fiber artists.


Heather Olson





Heather Olson

Heather Olson was a very experiened weaver and designer. She shared her expertise as a teacher at the Weaving and Fiber Arts Center for several years.  Her family has donated the funds in her memory, now available in 2021.